We give today’s generation the money know-how
to make better financial decisions.

In-App Learning, Real Money Confidence

Young people are left to navigate complex financial decisions on their own, feeling confused, and unprepared when it comes to managing their money. Building strong financial literacy from an early age is critical, despite its limited presence in school curriculum. Without guidance, young people are left to form bad money habits.

With Squirrel, Money Know-How is in the Bank

We understand that young people are curious to start their financial journey. We recognise that everyone learns differently, making content accessible and engaging. Developed by educators, learning is packed with interaction and topical content that aligns with national financial education guidelines.

Build Financial Freedom

Squirrel is reshaping the way young people view money. We help learners to understand money now, to empower them for their future. As they progress, learners gain invaluable skills that they can build upon to effectively manage their finances and gain money confidence. We bring a combination of finance and fun!

Learn it, Earn it, Play it

Tap, swipe, and play for a real-world and practical gamified learning experience. Take on bite-sized money challenges, quizzes, mini games and more. Test your skills and make quick wins. Journey through a tree of finance topics, at your level, at your pace. Compete against friends and unlock game play by collecting as many acorns as possible.

Financial Independence, Feels Good

Finish school feeling prepared and ready when it comes to your finances. Creating financial independence will give you and your parents peace of mind. We are super excited to be on this learning journey with you. Join your fellow Squirrels and embrace a lifetime of money management skills today!


Your questions, answered.

What is Squirrel?

Squirrel is a gamified learning app, to build the financial literacy capabilities of all secondary students. We are dedicated in teaching personal finance in a fun and practical way, to build money confidence for future generations to come.

How does it work?

Tap, swipe, and play for a real-world and practical gamified learning experience in the finance literacy space. At Squirrel, we reward our learners in unexpected and exciting ways whilst developing their money management skills.

Is Squirrel owned by a bank?

No, Squirrel isn’t owned by a bank. At Squirrel we do not partner with credit card companies, providing only unbiased information in our app to empower learners for their financial future.

Is Squirrel safe?

Yes. Squirrel keeps your personal information private, and it is our priority that your child learns in a safe online environment. At Squirrel, we never sell your information to third parties.

How old do you have to be to use Squirrel?

We believe every child deserves the right to receive financial education, with a vast range of money management topics provided for students aged between 11-18.

How does the app change by age?

Learning how to earn, save, spend and invest doesn’t happen overnight. Through our app, your child will experience a progressive learning journey, with tailored content aligned to each year level. This approach will assist them in developing their financial literacy from the time they start and finish high school.